Running is one of the most basic human function

Running is one of the most basic human function, but also a very comprehensive training methods, which not only increase our heart and lung function, but also on our muscles and bones have a good training effect. The benefits of running could write a book, I believe that each person has a personal experience.

“Running”is also easily understood line of simple movement, the effectiveness of large, but very severe, should be cautious, physically weak, no additional training of obese people do not begin to run, but should start brisk walking, gradually increasing walking distance and speed, from time to time The transition from brisk walking to jogging. This does not appear difficult, because the speed of 6 km per hour walking and running basically the same strength it takes. The distance running should be random body to adapt to the degree of load increase. The initial phase of adaptation, the assessment of the load just a “feel” an indicator enough – there should not be running feel uncomfortable, such as increased ability to adapt to the body, running distance can be extended, then the normalization of body weight and body Will have significant health effects.Check this useful information on sewing class.


Harvey Simon also made a hypothesis. Suppose a person weighing 150 pounds, you need to lose 15 pounds. Although it looks small, but will lose 10% of body weight is also very difficult. So he started twice a day —– 10 minutes of walking on a treadmill instead of running out of breath. He just has a few stops from the bus and get off early, or take a few laps around the shop area, every day you can walk over 1 mile. In the first few weeks, will not have too many changes, but do not give up. If his calorie intake constant, without sweating the situation, he will lose 10 pounds the first year, with skechers shape ups shoes and in the 18 months to achieve targets.

If he wants to lose more weight, and cut faster, to be subtracted from the daily diet contains 100 kilocalories a cookie, or walk 40 minutes a day, thereby doubling his weight reduction. If he do both, he would have really won the game would have been lost. Economists said the more difficult to get rich quickly, with skechers shape ups shoes but it is not difficult to get rich slowly. Thin the truth is the same: all the small changes will bring about the desired results.




Winter is the season most likely to gain weight

Winter is the season most likely to gain weight, but also many of those troubled beauty of the season. Cold weather, the human body requires a lot of calories, while enhancing digestion and absorption, appetite, weight gain increased appetite. If you can control the body weight in these months, then a lot of weight on the smaller base, first of all from the vision has been to the people “slim down” impression; Second, the research found that the best weight loss in winter, which is skechers shape ups shoes because the movement of people consumed in cold than the heat much more in a warm environment. The same exercise time consumed more calories than other seasons to be, weight loss naturally better.

Quietly buried the fat from

To cover up the body fat, select a suitable plastic body underwear can solve the problem. In order to achieve the purpose we do not rebound in weight loss is recommended weight loss attempts catgut embedding. Its biggest advantage is that no side effects, in the process of weight loss you can still energetic. Depending on the cause of obesity doctors, choose a different point, and then points on the embedding. Every 15 days buried in a line in the body, with skechers shape ups shoesthis is called “bio-protein line” can be absorbed by the body itself.

It is different from Chijianfeiyao, diet, exercise and other methods the devil more immediate, effects of catgut embedding will be relatively slow some, but the process is safe, if with massage and other methods, with the external force, the effect will be reassuring .

What to eat to lose weight in winter? At least 4 times a week on behalf of rice soup, persist for 10 weeks, you can lose almost 20% of the weight. Because the soup can full of chyme into the stomach close to the stomach, with skechers shape ups shoes increase satiety. Recommended to drink a bowl of soup before a meal, people can absorb 100 to 190 kcal less heat, and heat absorbed soup lunch at least. In order to prevent weight gain, the best choice for soup at noon. Dinner is soup should not drink too much, otherwise the rapid absorption of nutrients accumulate in the body, can easily lead to weight gain.


Exercise to lose weight best fat burning in the project it? People know that running to lose weight, but you know it also has appetite suppressant Oh!

People to participate in jogging, with skechers shape ups shoes and swimming after different types of hunger sports different types of food required also significant differences. The findings overturn “must eat more exercise more,” the general view, according to their own needs will help people choose the right sport

According to reports, Musharraf Bale sports science, Dr. Stensell found with skechers shape ups shoes that people participating in different sports and need the degree of hunger after the food intake of different types exist.

For example, people often do not hunger after jogging, with skechers shape ups shoes just want to eat the fruit, water and more food to fill his stomach, but not easy. On the contrary, people often feel hungry after the swim, eat foods high in fat, Weightlifting carbohydrate or protein you need more food. In addition, the sports environment may also affect the human body hunger. For example, in cold water makes people feel hungry and eat high-fat foods, in warm weather, while running the opposite effect. People generally believe that exercise will help increase the appetite, with skechers shape ups shoes but the discovery of Stensell overturned this view, indicating that the appetite is not necessarily linked with the exercise intensity.

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Outdoor running toes touch the ground easy to stout legs

Method of exercise to lose weight, jogging is a simple way of good, a lot of girls jogging weight loss program and ultimately affirmed the need to class. But, you know jogging skills? Jogging is not good or even lead to the phenomenon of thick legs, whether you are outdoors or indoors, whether you are still in the hot summer weather, with skechers shape ups shoes bitterly cold winter, jogging is a science. Below how we are jogging, running what is taboo issues such as how jogging can run out to see results.

Outdoor running toes touch the ground easy to stout legs

“Running is generally used outside the ground with the toes, a long time, the calf will become thick.” Nanning Jiangnan shop beyond the health club fitness director ZHANG Xuehua said, “fitness process, if ignore these precautions may not reach the effect of exercise . “According to him, the road is smooth running, people tend to lean forward, with skechers shape ups shoes most of the force point in the toe. Toes long-term bear the weight of the whole body, it is easy to over-exercise calf muscle, which becomes thick.

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Running is also a good way to consume calories

When you make the body lose weight for the purpose of the exercise, including all parts of the body, with skechers shape ups shoes including thighs will get to lose weight. Legs and buttocks can be the most effective aerobic exercise exercise are walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, stair climbing.

Running is also a good way to consume calories, but very thick thigh fat people is not the best choice. Because these people will find it hard running is also very comfortable, with skechers shape ups shoes do not want to stick to it. The use of a combination of walking and running much better method. When you do not feel hard, may be reduced appropriately increase the running walk.

Swimming is also a whole body aerobic workouts with skechers shape ups shoes, but swimming is not much use on the thigh. If you want to fit in the pool in the thigh. You can walk in shallow water, or wear a lifejacket in the deep of the walk. The natural resistance of water will make your legs get strong exercise.

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Lift the heel with toe walking

“Strange to the” fitness

Movement in walking, jogging and walking are the most common form of exercise. In fact, multi-position walking movement, illnesses and sickness, health and fitness is helpful, here are a few:

Toe walking: Lift the heel with toe walking, with skechers shape ups shoes can contribute to soles of the feet and lower leg flexors tension in the back of increased morbidity, through a clear benefit.

Heel walking: heel walk with toes lifted, arms swinging rhythmically back and forth to adjust the balance. This will strengthen the front side of leg extensor exercise group, with skechers shape ups shoes in order to facilitate clear by Sanyang.

Pigeon walking: walking, mostly outside the general character or a straight forward, as to the character walking, can reduce fatigue.

Walking backwards: back row relax, the knee is not music, with skechers shape ups shoes his arms swing freely around, rarely can stimulate the activities of muscles, promote blood circulation. Also down the line but also prevention of brain atrophy, a significant effect for low back pain.

Both sides of the walk: slowly squat, hands touch the ground, back into parallel with the ground slightly, climbing hand pedal, slowly move forward. Increase the head for blood, reduce the burden on the heart, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, varicose veins and other diseases is curative.




Do not make detours to lose weight in winter

Do not make detours to lose weight in winter

Most people do not like sports for the winter, but looking at his belly bulge uplift day by day it is not neglect. So some people do in a few sit-ups every day before going to sleep in an attempt to restrain the exercise of abdominal fat in winter, but are often counterproductive, not only ineffective, with skechers shape ups shoes but the movement of his own enthusiasm, which makes the situation got out of hand.

Shi Donglin that if sit-ups every training is not up less than 150 weight-loss purposes. Although very tired because the sit-up movement, but it is not a lot of calories, like doing the horizontal bar chin-up, with skechers shape ups shoes even though very tired, but it does not consume calories than running and more, so not ideal sit-ups weight-loss campaign.

In addition, some people have pinned hopes to lose weight without dieting, do not exercise to lose weight appliances.

In this regard, experts point out, with equipment and other aids weight loss, weight loss may be an effective part of the body, but the effect is temporary. Want to lose weight or to rely on their own, with skechers shape ups shoes losing weight is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, develop milestones, long-standing scientific diet and regular exercise, do not lose weight in the hopes pinned on the weight loss appliances.


Running the whole self is undoubtedly the best way of burning fat, but you know, running can also shape the local lines, so that every part of your body is more compact charming. The following table slimming may be able to give you some tips:


Right arm is the key to a beautiful outline. Running to keep his arms bent 90 degrees, back and forth like a pendulum do, and coupled with breathing exercises, so that the curve in the beautification of arms but also can improve heart and lung function.


Alice wanted a very rounded hips, then ran up the hill, with skechers shape ups shoes right – move upward movement can help you fight against gravity. When running uphill, attention is paid to the ground heel first, which will fully exercise your legs and buttocks muscles ligaments.


Tightening of the body while running, imagine the lower abdomen close to the spine, abdomen a minute, relax for a minute, constantly alternating. After the run, stretched out his right hand on left hip-mail, slowly twist the torso to the other side until it was left to fully tighten the muscles, with skechers shape ups shoes repeat for the other side. Do 15 times each side.


When the foot lifted, to imagine a very strong grip movements: foot down when it is to imagine a wolf in wolf into the earth. In addition, with skechers shape ups shoes warm-up with some fresh ways contribute to shaping the thighs, such as running or cross legs backward movement.


First, weight-loss method to walk backwards

As long as you strive to do, not only will lose weight, but also can promote blood circulation, but also correct posture unconsciously. Because walking backward movement of the knee load will increase, it is easy on the joints caused by injury. Therefore, the time of day not too long, to the speed of 120 steps per minute, took about 15 minutes on it. First started, they might not meet a little bit, and will be tired, but as long as you will naturally do so consistently adapted.

Point: not only thin but also corrects bad posture. Time to exercise properly, and we must strive to do so.

Second, walking weight-loss method

Cook a couple of days will be able to lose 1 ~ 2kg weight. If you only do it for the purpose of walking is the case, it is easy to get as bored and give up halfway. If you like shopping, with skechers shape ups go shopping now! In this way, will not feel boring, but also to a walk-loss purposes. At first, the body may feel tired, but the phenomenon will appear swollen, but nothing serious physical enhancements to the future. Arms and legs of the greater range of motion, weight loss will be better, but do not force yourself too much.

Point: there are effects. Even when walking or hungry and thirsty, but also must not drink or snack on ice, but also pay attention to the control not to become a shopaholic.

Third, the dumbbell weight-loss method

Dumbbell is very convenient to use a device. Hand dumbbell to sit down, and then do upper body leaned forward movement. To do about 30 times a day, you can cut a lot of weight. For those who lack the muscle, covered with fat people can play a role in increasing muscle mass. Not only thin, but also to exercise the muscles of the curve fit. Especially upper body fat and more people who are effective.

Point: not only lose weight, but also play a role in abdomen. The key is to continue to practice every day. In particular, upper body obese people who are effective.

Fourth, running weight-loss method

Running is definitely the most effective whole body aerobic exercise can lose weight while enhancing the body’s ability to make you both slim and full of spirit. But choose this method of friends you had better pay attention to weight-loss situation according to their own control of exercise intensity, do not exercise too much to cause any harm Oh!

Point: Aerobic exercise is a very intense campaign. Able to receive good results within a short time, but often have many side effects over the Games. For example will bring dramatic human body burden of various organs and so on.


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